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Holly and Mark have been fostering with Foster Wales Swansea since November 2022.

Having two children of their own, Holly and Mark needed to ensure that they were on board with them becoming a fostering family, but so far, Sofie (8) and Oscar (11) have really enjoyed sharing their home with the children who come to live with them.

Fostering was a decision they made as a family, and they have no regrets with taking the plunge to embark on the fostering journey.

why did you decide to foster?

Holly says: “We had been thinking about fostering for a long time before we eventually made the decision to go for it last year. In my old job, I was working with children in schools across Swansea and I was shocked by the number of children living in care or that needed support from social services in order to keep them safe at home. I wanted to help these children but felt a bit powerless at times. That is one of the reasons we decided to start fostering, so we could really make a difference to the lives of these vulnerable children.”

how did Sofie and Oscar react when you discussed the idea of fostering?

“When we first discussed fostering with our two children, they were a little unsure at first. They didn’t really understand what fostering was and what it would involve. Once we had explained everything to them, they were happy to give it a go. They both said they’d prefer to have children younger than them and were a bit nervous about having to share our attention with others, but they liked the idea of Mum being at home all the time and not having to go to after-school club anymore!”

Whilst many parents have an interest in fostering, they often push the idea to the side until their own children have grown up or moved out. Understandably, they are worried how fostering will affect on their own children but many of our foster carers talk about the positive effects fostering has had on them. Likewise, children of our foster carers often talk candidly about how much they have learnt since being part of a fostering family and the enjoyment they get out of it.

Holly and Mark’s daughter, Sofie, is only too happy to share her experience of fostering so far.

what are your thoughts about being part of a fostering family?

“Being a fostering family is amazing! One of my favourite things is playing with the children who come to stay with us and they love playing with us too. It’s great being able to find out about the things they like and to help them learn new skills.”

have you experienced any rewards of being a fostering family?

“Yes, I find it so exciting when we have new children coming to stay, especially when it’s a baby. I like helping Mum and Dad get everything ready for them. I feel more confident and grown up since we have started fostering as I am really good at helping to look after the younger children. My friends at school think it’s so cool.”

what have been the challenges so far?

“When the children are upset it is difficult to see. I want to help them but I don’t always know how. It is hard when we have to say goodbye.

“I sometimes find it difficult having to share my Mum and Dad, but I know they love me just as much as before.”

what has been your best memory of fostering so far?

“My best memory so far is taking one of the children with us on holiday to France. It was so much fun! I think it was his first holiday abroad ever and he loved it, especially the swimming pool!”

what advice would you give other children whose parents are considering fostering?

“You might be a bit nervous at first but don’t worry! If you like meeting new people and playing with other children, then you’ll love it.”

so, would you recommend fostering to other families?

“I would definitely recommend becoming a foster family, it’s the best!”

Sofie is just one of many children who enjoy being part of a fostering family. If you have been thinking about fostering but have reservations due to worries about the effects it will have on your own children, don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the Foster Wales Swansea Team who will be able to provide you with more information.

Contact us today for an informal, no- pressure chat.

We can also put you in touch with foster carers who have children of a similar age so they can provide you with a true picture of how fostering is for them and their children.

You can also find answers to questions that people often ask with regards to their own children in one of our blogs. Hopefully the answers will help alleviate any worries that you might have.

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