why foster with us?

support and rewards

finance and allowances

As a foster carer with Foster Wales Swansea you can receive between £393.11 and £873.57 per week, per child. This is based on a number  of factors, such as the type of fostering you undertake, how many children you foster, and how long you foster for.

other rewards

Being a foster carer comes with a wealth of rewards. In addition to the support and allowances you’ll receive, you’ll also get the following in Swansea:

  • Buddy scheme – new carers are linked with experienced foster carers who can provide support and guidance.
  • Support groups for the whole family, including regular free activities for carers’ own children.
  • Additional allowances for birthdays, holidays and Christmas.
  • If you’re available to foster and we don’t approach you about caring for children within your approved age range, then we will make sure that you are rewarded financially.
  • Access to an independent advice and mediation worker

the foster wales national commitment

Plus there’s more! All 22 Welsh Local Authorities have signed up to the National Commitment, an agreed package of training, support and rewards for all our foster carers to enjoy. So, as a Foster Wales foster carer, you’ll benefit from:


one team

You’re all part of one team and we work together, always. This connected focus ensures that the children we care for, and their foster families, have the best possible support network and all the advantages this comes with. As a foster carer, you’ll be included, valued and respected.

As a team member, you’ll work with those who are accountable for every child in foster care across Wales. You’ll help children stay in their local areas, which is something that we’re passionate about. It’s what sets this team apart from others.

man and teenage boy cooking

learning and development

We help you to grow with our shared, considered, and proven support package – a reward that’s replicated across Wales. Learning and growth are key elements of what we offer.

We provide you with essential skills and training tools to help you develop into a confident and competent foster carer, so you can meet the needs of children in your care.

As a Foster Wales foster carer, you’ll be given an individual personal learning record and development plan too. This will log the progress you’re making and document future plans.

woman hugging teenage girl


Our Foster Wales Swansea team is always available to support and encourage you – you’re never alone. You’ll have a dedicated, professional social worker to support you, your family and your entire network.

You’ll also have access to a wide range of support groups. This will give you the opportunity to meet other foster carers. A chance to talk, listen and share your experiences with people in the same position as you. Peer support is available with every local Foster Wales team and can make a world of difference.

Professional support is available too. We’re devoted to working together with our foster carers, which means we’re always here to support you. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

family on a walk

fostering community

The fostering community will connect you to other foster families. There will be opportunities to attend events and participate in activities that’ll provide you with new experiences. You’ll form new friendships and create new memories.

You’ll also have access to online information and advice, so you’re never on your own.

When you join Foster Wales, we pay for your membership to two specialist fostering organisations, The Fostering Network (TFN) and the Association for Fostering and Adoption (AFA) Cymru. We do this because we appreciate how truly beneficial the rewards are: the independent support, private advice, guidance and additional benefits.

Adult helping boy learn to ride a bicycle

shaping the future

Every child has a past, but we look ahead. We’ll support you in shaping the future as a foster carer, so you can provide a stable and nurturing home for a child who needs it.

Your views will be heard on a national level too and will influence how we move forward. There will be opportunities for you to consult and impact what lies ahead for fostering in Wales, as well as being in the loop with news and information.

Woman and young girl using computer to make video call

take the first step

contact our local foster care team

  • If you’re looking to request an information pack, ask a question or make the first step to becoming a foster carer, we’re here to help. Simply fill out the form and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch with you shortly.