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No two foster parents are the same, but they all have one thing in common – the desire to provide a safe and loving home for a child.

There are children in your local area who need someone they can always turn to, no matter what. You could be that someone –whether you own a property or rent, are single or married. These details, along with others, play no part in whether you can foster.

In fact, Foster Wales Swansea is proud to celebrate diversity. Our foster carers have different life experiences and a wide range of skills and qualities, and it’s these things that we take into consideration. It’s what counts.

Find out if fostering is for you below.

foster myths: separating fact from fiction

Fostering gives you the opportunity to make a difference to children in Swansea, to change their lives for the better. Whether you’re able to do this short-term or long-term, you’ll play a significant part in shaping their future. Fostering needs all sorts of different people, which is why we focus on diversity.

We’re always here for you. We come together, along with your family, friends and community, to get the best outcome for children in the area.

The two questions we ask when it comes down to who can foster are: can you make a difference, and do you want to?

can I foster if I work full time?

A full-time job won’t prevent you from becoming a foster carer, but it may need more thought.

We can help find a way to make fostering fit into your life, even if you work full time. How? As one example, you could offer children short breaks on weekends or outside of work hours.

Fostering is a team effort. You’ll work together with social workers, teachers and therapists, and we’re here to support you throughout the process.

can I be a foster carer if I live in rented accommodation?

Of course. The most important thing is that you feel secure where you live, regardless of whether you rent or pay a mortgage. We can work out what’s best for you depending on where you call home.

Here’s one way to look at things. Your spare room could be used for a home gym or office, but what if it could be a safe space for a child? A place to call home.

can I foster if I have children of my own?

No two foster families are the same. If you have children of your own, that doesn’t mean you can’t extend your family by fostering. In fact, it simply means bringing more children into your home to love and care for.

Children can gain a lot from foster siblings. They learn how to build friendships and care for others – it gives them a whole new level of insight.

am I too old to foster?

There’s no upper age limit, so don’t let your age put you off. We’ll make sure you receive the professional local support and training you need to set you up for your fostering journey.

am I too young to foster?

If you are an adult, you can become a foster carer. You can be part of the fostering journey, regardless of how young you are, provided you have the maturity and commitment needed. We’ll be there to support you at every step.

do couples who foster have to be married or in a civil partnership?

Your relationship status has no bearing on whether you can foster. What matters is what you’re able to offer to a child. Our local Foster Wales Swansea team will advise if now is the right time for you to become a foster carer, whether you’re single, married or in a civil partnership.

can I foster if i’m transgender?

Yes, you can. Being a good foster parent doesn’t depend on your gender; it’s about your personality, skills and qualities.

can I foster if I’m gay?

Your sexual orientation is not considered. When it comes to fostering, we want to know how committed you are to providing a safe and stable environment for a child. So yes, you can foster.

can I foster if I have a dog or cat?

Yes. Pets can be a huge advantage in a foster family, offering a different type of support to a child. Having them doesn’t mean you can’t foster, we just have to do some checks first. All pets are included in your application, so we can assess how they might get on with any future foster children.

can I foster if I smoke?

Smoking policies can vary from one Local Authority to another. However, it’s best to be honest from the start. If you want to quit, we’ll offer guidance on how to.

Our focus is to perfectly match a child in our care with your family.

can I foster if I’m unemployed?

Being unemployed won’t prevent you from becoming a foster carer. What’s important is being able to offer support, advice and love every day. We’ll work with you to determine if now is the right time for you to start fostering.

can I foster if I don’t have a big house?

The size of your house doesn’t determine your ability to foster. We want to know whether you’re able to offer a child a room in a warm, stable and secure environment. That’s what matters.

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