how it works

the process

the process

You're ready to start your fostering journey, but how long does the fostering process in Swansea take? Keep reading to find out.

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the first step

The first step is to make an initial enquiry. Once you’ve called us or sent us that all-important email, your journey has begun. While it may seem like a minor step, it’s potentially the most important one!

We’ll take all your essential details so we can begin to understand your situation and you’ll receive an information pack, which will provide valuable insight into what it’s like to be a foster carer.

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the home visit

After you’ve been in touch, we’ll start the process of getting to know you. If we can, we’ll come and visit you at home. If we’re unable to do this, we’ll arrange a video call instead. It’s important that we build a relationship with you from the very beginning, to learn who means the most to you and find out where home is.

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the training

We offer a friendly and informal training course, which takes place over three days, to equip you with the essentials. This gives you the chance to meet the Foster Wales Swansea team and other foster carers in the area.

“we met a lot of great people who we now consider friends and we help and support each other when we need it”

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the assessment

The assessment stage will provide you with insight into what fostering will mean for you. It’s not a test, it’s a chance for us to look at your family dynamics and for you to ask any questions. The assessment is carried out by an experienced social worker, who considers the strengths and vulnerabilities and how fostering could work for you.

It’s about preparing for the rewards and challenges of foster care.

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the panel

Your assessment will be considered by our panel, which is made up of knowledgeable, skilled social workers and independent members. They look at every prospective foster carer as an individual.

The panel isn’t in place to give your fostering journey a red or green light. Your assessment will be reviewed from all angles, and recommendations will be given on what might suit your needs best.

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the foster care agreement

After your assessment has been considered and all the information shared, you’ll be given the foster care agreement. This sets out exactly what it means to be a foster carer, as well as covering the expertise and services we’ll provide as your support network.

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ready to take the first step?

get in touch

  • If you’re looking to request an information pack, ask a question or make the first step to becoming a foster carer, we’re here to help. Simply fill out the form and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch with you shortly.