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Whether your own children are grown up, still in school, or you don’t have children of your own, there are different ways to foster that will suit all circumstances and lifestyles.

Wayne and Kay began fostering four years ago. Kay’s interest in fostering began several years ago due to one of close friends growing up in foster care. Wayne had been working as a taxi driver for many years and was after a change in career and lifestyle.

“our children were grown up and we had the space”

Wayne said: “Kay and I had been discussing fostering on and off for a year. We decided that as our own children were grown up and had left home, plus we had the space, we knew that it was the right time to take on this new challenge and help a child in need.”

“I decided to give up my job as a taxi driver and become the main carer, which allowed Kay to stay in her full-time job. We knew from the outset that our preference was to care for older children. It fits in better with our lifestyle because older children are more independent. “

Having a good support network around you is so important when fostering, which Wayne can’t stress enough.

“good support is crucial”

He said: “Before you consider fostering, I would recommend speaking to your extended family and friends to see if they can be part of your support network as having them around is invaluable when experiencing any difficulties. Having good support from Foster Wales Swansea is crucial too. They provide advice when needed, and their support helps you stay focussed, especially through difficult times.

However, like all foster carers comment, whilst fostering it’s not always easy, there are many rewards to it.

“there are many rewards to fostering”

Wayne said: “Being a foster carer isn’t all plain-sailing and you may not see the benefits for the children straightaway or when they are in your care, but the long-lasting effect on their lives will show up in the future for them.

“Seeing a child smile for the first time is epic, and simple things such as seeing them enjoy home-cooked food is amazing. A big reward for myself and Kay has been seeing the young people in our care improve in school, achieving goals they didn’t think were possible. “

Is now the right time for you to foster? Are you worried how it will affect your own children? If so, see our blog on fostering when you have your own children.

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